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Technology, a Dentist’s Friend?

The continual advancement of technology impacts all aspects of our daily lives. Dental technology is increasingly accessible, but where should a dental practice focus their valuable resources?

One of the most significant trends is digitalisation within the dental industry – digital impressions, 3-D intraoral scanners, CAD/CAM units, digital radiography, 3-D printers, bulk-fill composites with hand-pieces, high-definition cameras and smart equipment; sterilizers, compressors & vacuums.

Naturally you want to offer the best treatment plans, delivered using the latest technology, to your patients.

However how does technology impact your patient acquisition strategy? Dentists are more than ever starting to recognize patients as consumers.  From finding a dentist, all the way through treatment, patients need to be treated as consumers who use search engines as their No. 1 resource for finding products and services. Attention to reputation and review marketing have become the most important thing dentists can do to attract new patients. Reputation marketing affects Google search; it affects consumer behavior; it affects everything.  Dentists should perhaps look at spending money with an online reputation company.

The patient journey is an ongoing process, often managed by the latest technology through practice management software, electronic billing, invoicing and feedback surveys.

Off course being a people business you need the best team around you, to deliver all of the above.  To help you achieve this why not use Destination Dental to recruit your team saving time and money using the latest technology!

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