Why should I use Destination Dental rather than a traditional recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies charge a percentage of the successful candidates starting salary as an introduction fee, typically between 15% and 30%.  For example if you pay a Practice Manager £25,000 and the agency charges 20% then the fee payable will be £5,000 plus VAT.  In this instance, Destination Dental would have saved you 95% of your recruitment costs!

With Destination Dental you have access to the same online resources that traditional recruitment agencies have at their disposal.

Advertising direct ensures you have control of all applications to your jobs, with full transparency for job seekers ensuring that your company brand is promoted to attract the best dental talent.  It is up to you how many people you interview and ultimately hire from each advertisement.  We are a digital recruitment advertising company, not a recruitment agency, there is no middleman – it’s your adverting campaign with applications sent straight to you.

 Why shouldn’t I advertise in the local press?

 Traditional print media is expensive and lasts only for the day of publication therefore relays on candidates reading it at that specific time.  It also typically takes a few weeks from copy to print.

How many adverts can I have?

As many as you like, our fully automated online system is designed for you to manage your recruitment in-house.

Do I have a set amount of candidates I can hire?

No you can interview and hire as many candidates as you like.  This way you can also build your own database of candidates for future recruiting plans.

How long will it take for my advert to go live?

Our fully automated system instantly creates your advert, so you can start receiving interested candidates straight away.

How long will my advert remain live?

Once published your advert will remain live indefinitely. Should you successfully appoint quickly you can contact us to request for deactivation, although no refund will be due.

What is branded advertising?

Branded advertising is where your advert displays your company logo and name. This maximises the profile of your business, engaging jobseekers with the culture of your practice. Jobseekers like to know whom they are applying to work for; advertising in this way is proven to generate a higher and better quality response.

What is unbranded advertising?

Unbranded advertising is where the advert has no mention of your company name or logo.  Any jobseekers that view the advert will not know the company to which they are applying. This is ideal when you have a confidential vacancy, salary level or don’t want to publicise you are recruiting.

Can I amend my advert once its been published?

Yes, from within the account section.

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