About Destination Dental

Dentistry is a people business, in today’s challenging, competitive and fast-paced world ensuring you have the right senior team is critical to delivering outstanding patient care and business performance.

‘The War for Talent’ will continue to be tough with strong head winds from Brexit and its impact on immigration. By consistently ensuring that the right talent are in the right places, and taking the time to really evaluate your senior teams progress will never be far away.
Destination Dental Executive have handled top-level search assignments across all head office functions and operational roles in Dentistry. As well as supporting a wide range of general management and Clinical Director appointments, we have particularly deep expertise in searches across Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.
Our work solely within Dentistry is characterised by the focus we bring to sharpening the brief, our ability to attract the very best candidates, the diverse nature of our shortlists and our emphasis on absolute confidentiality and discretion. Core to the success of the business is an outstanding research team developed in-house with bright, charismatic, articulate and committed researchers. Our clients genuinely feel they gain outstanding talent that makes a difference to their organisation now and into the future.
From start-ups, growing independents and established dental corporates organisations choose Destination Dental Executive search as a strategic recruitment partner for a number of reasons:
The ability to choose candidates that aren’t available internally, through conventional advertising due to confidentiality or via their own direct sourcing methods.
Using a third party search firm allows our clients the freedom to target candidates from specific competitors and access our unrivalled established network within dentistry.
Access and gather competitor and management information throughout the search process giving you the strategic advantage.