Employee engagement is key to developing a successful and profitable practice. But being able to craft an engagement strategy is a challenge. How to sell the idea of creating a strategy, what to include, and how to measure results can be hard. Dental Wealth Builder is a coaching and mentoring programme that will rekindle enthusiasm, passion inspiring team members to be active participators in driving your practice vision forward whilst meeting their personal development objectives as follows:

  1. Practices must view employee experience as a long term business activity, how do you set realistic expectations and focus on culture?
  2. Engagement helps with retention and productivity. But we also want commitment from our employees. How do engagement and commitment differ?
  3. The employee experience, engagement and satisfaction have value. How do you measure the financial value?
  4. Communication helps practice owners drive employee engagement. How do you deliver one-on-one meetings to grow engagement and improve employee retention?
  5. An engagement strategy helps connect organisational actions with long-term goals. How do you guide managers in activities that help build strong engagement?

Dentistry is a people business and having a great employee experience is key to success. What is your practice going to do about it? Disengaged employees cost the practice time and profits. Dental Wealth Builder helps Dentists grow their practice, profits and patient satisfaction by coaching you and your team using unique proven methods.

If you would like to find out more please visit http://dentalwealthbuilder.com or CLICK HERE to take their quiz to help understand where you are strategically.