Have you considered using Facebook as part of your Dental Recruitment Strategy?

In 2017 some 87% of companies recruited using social media, LinkedIn is the preferred choice of social networks for recruiters to source candidates, but Facebook is a great addition as part of your recruitment advertising strategy.

Destination Dental run Sponsored Facebook advertising campaigns on behalf of many independent dental practices and corporates across the UK.

Here are 3 reasons why you should include Facebook in your digital recruitment advertising strategy:

  1. You can reach passive candidates – Destination Dental actively advertise your dental jobs on job boards; a great way of finding active jobseekers. However, if you’re solely relying on job boards to advertise, you’re also missing out on passive candidates, who make up some 80% of the potential base. A third of the world’s population are actively using Facebook you can’t get better exposure than that. When a campaign is set up on Facebook, your job advert will be featured on the newsfeed or sidebar of your desired audience’s screen, giving your vacancy and brand exposure to potential candidates who might not have seen it otherwise. You can brand your advert to show your corporate imagery and company culture.   Facebook allows you to be visually creative; try including images of your practice or embed employee testimonials.


  1. You can set up in depth targeting – When creating your online job advert, it’s important to target your audience using specific digital media language. Facebook advertising takes things one step further and allows you to target your entire advertising campaign to a specific audience by controlling who sees your advert. Facebook also allows for more general targeting, such as setting a location radius, or current job title.


  1. You can build your own talent pool – There may be occasions when your dental practices don’t actually have specific vacancies but you want to still generate awareness of your employer brand for future recruitment plans. You can run a careers promotion campaign on Facebook, with the objective of driving traffic to the careers page of your website and collecting speculative applications for future hiring plans.

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