Are your dental job adverts appearing on Google Jobs & did you know you CAN’T pay for it!

With employment at record levels, lower EU immigration from Brexit fears and Tier 2 visa restrictions for Dental professionals talent shortage is one of the biggest problems facing UK Dentistry.  With around 75% of all job searches starting on Google, it controls the gateway to the internet, the recent launch of Google Jobs in the UK is a game changer to link candidates with prospective dental employers.  Interestingly though you can’t actually pay for it directly, so what is it, how does it work and importantly how do you get your dental job vacancies to appear?

Google Jobs works by pulling data from all over the internet – social media channels, websites and traditional job boards (although Indeed has decided not to partner with them).  It uses advanced algorithms, AI, machine learning to provide the most relevant job search results for job seekers possible. Over time Google for Jobs will learn about a candidates job search preferences.  This has massive implications for the way candidates search for jobs, finding roles quicker, speeding up hiring processes and becoming the only place a job seeker needs to go to find a new role.

With this in mind Google must be able to find your dental roles.  In order to enable Google for Jobs to index your job listings, you must implement the correct schema markup (the job posting structure) on your website, this makes it possible for Google to read your site and produce job listings in response to a relevant search. You must then give each job listing a dated sitemap, Atom feed or RSS also Google will penalise you if your jobs have expired but still show on your website. Google prefers showing pages of original content, duplicate is a big no-no in their high tech world, sending users to your company website careers page is actually preferred to a job board.  As more relevant content becomes available to Google for Jobs less traditional job board content its going to show up. Google will always reward those sites that have regularly updated content.

Google for Jobs will provide challenges and opportunities for independent dental practices, corporate chains, traditional recruiters and job boards. Job Boards are likely to implement the Google for Jobs schema to ensure their posts are being pulled through or else they will soon become obsolete.  The opportunity for an independent or corporate dental practice is to effectively have the power to deliver the same results from your own website. However Google for Jobs requires a high level of marketing and technical expertise to gain a high ranking on the results page that dental practices don’t have or can afford to employ in-house.  Independent dental practices and corporate chains will miss out if they do not invest in or have the capability.

Destination Dental has the expertise and know how to get your vacancies on Google Jobs giving you the competitive advantage, in the on going challenge of hiring the best dental talent, to deliver outstanding patient care.

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