Have you considered an employee intranet for your dental practice teams?

  • Dentistry is a people business. In the modern fast paced world dental practices need to find cost effective ways of attracting, developing, managing and engaging with the best people to deliver outstanding patient care. It is a proven fact that an engaged workforce is more productive and less likely to take time off, resulting in greater efficiency and lower staff turnover.  An intranet brings many benefits to your workforce and the efficiency of your business.

Benefits of an intranet to your practice teams –

Better internal communications – an intranet acts as a communication hub for staff. Corporate information such as memos, staff news and announcements can be stored centrally and accessed at any time.

  • Sharing of clinical resources and best practice – a virtual workspace and community can be created to facilitate information storing, sharing and collaborative working. An intranet can act as a training platform providing online content to staff. Accessing and delivering various types of e-learning to the user’s desktop across the business.
  • Improved customer service – better access to accurate and consistent information by your staff can lead to enhanced levels of customer service and patient care.

Supporting flexible working – for multisite and home based employees promoting a strong company culture can be a real challenge, an intranet creates the platform for inclusion.

An intranet improves the efficiency of your business –

  • Human Resources – a great tool for goal/kpi setting and monitoring. Promoting your company values via a hr blog. It allows real time two-way communication and feedback as to what impact their ideas have had in the business. Quizzes, surveys, fun ways to gather feedback on important issues from staff giving them a voice. Celebrate staff success, practice team of the month and patient testimonials.
  • Publishing – delivering information and business news as directories and web documents.
  • Document management – viewing, printing and working collaboratively on office documents, making sure people are using the latest versions.
  • Workflow – automating a range of administrative processes, including dealing with holiday requests, expenses, staff performance reviews, kpi’s, goal setting, appraisals, meeting room and equipment booking.
  • Front-end to corporate systems – providing a common interface to corporate databases and business information systems integrating intranet content with email services so that information can be distributed effectively.

Destination Dental build, develop, manage and host a fully bespoke intranet for your dental practice teams for a fixed monthly cost.  For further information please email [email protected]

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